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Where is Johnson & Johnson?


Help us make sure Johnson & Johnson finally hears our urgent call!




It was truly inspiring to attend the world’s biggest TB conference in India, standing side by side TB survivors, activists and global health experts to call for pharmaceutical corporation Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to lower the price of the lifesaving TB drug, bedaquiline.

After our successful Global Day of Action in October kicked off twenty days of protest to mobilise people around the world, we carried the demands of the TB community to the conference to make J&J listen to us.  

But J&J was hiding from us. 

We looked in the halls and corridors, round the back stairs and under the carpets.  Nowhere to be found. See how hard we tried! 

We won’t let J&J get away with continuing to turn a deaf ear to the calls of people with TB and their allies. 

In 2020, we are redoubling our efforts to carry this action forward to save lives.  

We need your help to turn up the volume and tell J&J loud and clear that there is no time to waste because lives are at stake.  

Please help us reach J&J by sharing this video! People continue to die because they cannot access bedaquiline.  

Public money and expertise were heavily invested in the development of bedaquiline. We therefore demand that when the public pays for a drug, it has a say in making sure the drug is made available to those who need it. 

TOGETHER we will make J&J listen to our demand to lower the price of bedaquiline and offer real hope to the thousands upon thousands of people living with drug-resistant TB. 

Thanks for all you do,
Access Campaign Team